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Music in the OR

In a series of articles in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Bobby Osher has written about the importance of music in the OR. He states that it is important to make operating less stressful, and he also mentions that it is part of patient comfort. So, don’t worry, I’ll always want soothing sounds…

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Area Deprivation Index and Corneal Infection

In the August 2023 edition of JAMA Ophthalmology, Patrice Hicks and colleagues published a study about social factors and corneal infections. The worse the vision when a patient comes in with a corneal infection and the later in the course of the infection that they come in, the worse the overall outcome will be. Dr.…

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EEC Syndrome

In the September 2023 edition of the journal Cornea, Lea Grauhan and colleagues published a case report of patients with ectrodactyly-ecotdermal dysplasia-cleft syndrome. What the heck is that? It is a rare genetic disease that causes limbal stem cell deficiency. That prevents the cornea from functioning normally. Even though it is very rare, it is…

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