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In the April 2023 edition of the journal Cornea, Ranit Karmakar and colleagues published a study regarding alcohol and endothelial cells. Endothelial cells are the cells on the inside of the cornea, which is the very front part of the eye (like a “windshield” over inner parts of the eye). These cells are responsible for…

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Mask Wear and Corneal Astigmatism

In the March 2023 issue of the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Dr. Mike Zein and colleagues published a study about the effects of masks. They were measuring astigmatism on patients, and they conducted the measurements with and without face masks on. The masks used were Halyard Level 2, Halyard Level 3, and KN95.…

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Ocular Adverse Events after Vaccination

In the March 2023 edition of the journal Ophthalmology, Yohei Hashimoto and colleagues published a study about Covid-19 vaccination. They did a couple of different analyses, including a self-controlled case series analysis. In the self-controlled case series analysis, they found that there was no increased risk of ocular adverse events after vaccination. They did another…

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