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What is a Meibomian?

I often find myself talking to patients about little glands at the edge of the eyelid. Some of these glands are Meibomian glands, which produce an oily substance that helps with lubrication of the eye. These are some of the glands that can become blocked and lead to red inflamed bumps on the edge of…

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The Year of the Eyeball

It is January 19, and I realized that I never posted about the New Year! Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome to the year of the eyeball, 2020. Sometimes people tell me that they don’t know what is better vision when they hear vision measurements like 20/25 or 20/15. The second number represents the distance…

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Delaware eye care

Since I work in Delaware, I thought that the name Delaware Eye Care Center sounded like a pretty good one. Of course, I came to learn that there are a lot of ophthalmology clinics around here, all of which are basically rearrangements of the words “Delaware,” “Eye,” “Ophthalmology,” “Care,” “Consultants,” and “Associates.” How come nobody…

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