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Are stents for hearts or eyes?

There are devices that can be placed in the eye at the same time as cataract surgery that can treat eye pressure. These devices are often used for patients with mild-moderate glaucoma and cataract at the same time. One of these devices is called the iStent, and I am quite a fan of it. The…

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Discovery vs. Discussion

Recently, a listserv that I belong to in which ophthalmologists communicate had a discussion. The discussion had to with a posting in which someone was having undesirable outcomes, and the other doctors were trying to give advice about what to do regarding those outcomes. One of the topics that came up was that all of…

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How to make a cut

Yesterday I was reading a listserv for ophthalmologists. In one thread, there were 30+ posts regarding the cataract surgery incision. This is obviously the tiniest step in the overall process, but many posters had different suggestions about the incision. I won’t get into all of the details, but one topic was how to make sure…

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