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Many ophthalmologists have moved away from routine use of eye drops post cataract surgery. Traditionally, I used three different medications in eye drop form for basically all patients after cataract surgery. In recent years, a technique involving placing antibiotics and steroid at the time of surgery has gained popularity as I noted above. Now, I…

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I feel like I write too many posts like this, so I apologize if I am being repetitive. I just heard about another expensive industry product that seems to be doing some harm. I suppose I can’t say for sure whether it is doing more harm than good, but this harm is not associated with…

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LASIK in HIV patients

I recently saw a question posted by an ophthalmologist about performing LASIK in HIV+ patients. The specific question was as follows (paraphrased): For HIV+ patients with undetectable viral loads, do you perform LASIK? If you perform LASIK, do you put them as the last surgery or use extra precautions (such as double gloving)? For laser…

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