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Eye Pressure?

My patients are sometimes confused about eye pressure. What is eye pressure? The pressure of the fluid inside the eyeball is higher than the pressure of the air outside (atmospheric pressure). That keeps the eyeball firm and round instead of floppy and collapsible. The pressure of the fluid in the eyeball is controlled by production…

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I posted in the past about injecting antibiotics in the front of the eye to reduce post-cataract surgery infections (from a very very low rate to a very very VERY low rate). I wrote about how choosing vancomycin as the antibiotic might cause more harm in some patients, so it is very controversial whether it…

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Cecil County Maryland

Yesterday I went to the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce networking event. It was the first time that I realized that my practice in Delaware caters to Maryland patients! Our practices in Bear and Smyrna may be some of the closest ophthalmology offices for residents of Southern and Eastern Cecil County, especially for those looking…

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