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Iris Stitches

The colored part of the eye is called the iris, and it is covered in front by a clear “windshield,” which is the cornea. Sometimes, if the iris is damaged or irregular, extra light passes into the eye that can be bothersome for patients. It is indeed one of the functions of the iris to…

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Golf and Cataracts

A lot of patients worry about how having cataract surgery will affect their golfing. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered with a one-size-fits-all response. Everyone is a little different, and the different lens options have a lot of nuances to them. However, if a golfer has cataracts that are blurring vision, cataract surgery is almost…

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Too high a prescription?

Sometimes patients come to me and state that they have too high a prescription for LASIK. What they usually mean is that they are near-sighted, with “minus” glasses prescription. They have been told that the “minus number” is too high for LASIK. Basically, this is TRUE. I think that there have been successful cases of…

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