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Glasses and Retinal Detachment

When I see patients who are very near sighted, I like to remind them that they have a higher chance of retinal detachment than people who are less near sighted. Sometimes, I get blank stares in return, so I thought that this would be a good forum to discuss the concept in a little more…

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Post-LASIK Complications

One of the biggest fears that a surgeon has when performing laser vision correction is that a patient will develop post-LASIK ectasia. Ectasia is the word used to describe a cornea that thins and bulges out. A big issue with ectasia is that sometimes glasses can’t correct vision. Patients might require hard contact lenses or…

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Graham Barrett

In a recent article written by Kane et al. from Australia, there is a comparison of intraocular lens power calculation formulae. When cataract surgery is performed, the natural lens of the eye is replaced by an artificial lens that usually sits in the position in the eye that the natural lens had previously been. In…

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