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Happy Thanksgiving!

Each year, this Holiday gives us a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for. Certainly there are stressors in the pandemic era, but I am still very grateful and happy to be in the profession that I am in and to be able to have discussions with other ophthalmologists so we can continue…

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Sometimes we as ophthalmologists try to remove really dense cataracts. When those cataracts are really hard, trying to break them up to remove them is like trying to drill into a rock! I have often heard of these types of cataracts referred to as “catarocks.” Needless to say, we don’t prefer operating on catarocks. This…

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Thick glasses?

Sometimes I have been asked, “what are the thickest glasses you’ve ever seen?” I don’t know if I am forgetting anyone, but I recently had a patient was has -25.0 D glasses! Keep in mind that some people even find -3.0 D and -4.0 D glasses to be thick. These were 6-8 times more powerful.…

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