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After LASIK surgery to try to reduce the need for glasses, typically done in young near-sighted people, patients can experience something called “transient light sensitivity syndrome” (TLSS). This syndrome is not deeply/well understood, but it boils down to this situation: a patient who has had LASIK has good vision and a normal looking eyeball but…

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Diffractive IOLs and the Vitreous

When we as ophthalmologists take cataracts out, we like to replace the cataract with an intraocular lens implant. Some of the newer intraocular lens implants (IOLs) are designed to try to help the patient see at different distances, e.g. at far away distances and up close (reading) as well. Many of the lens implants that…

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Vaccines and Corneal Transplants

Some ophthalmologists are recommending that patients with full thickness corneal transplants take special precautions around the time of getting vaccines in their arms. I may have covered this before, but there is a lot of attention on vaccines these days. The recommendation is taking additional steroid eye drops in the days before and after the…

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