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How can I stop my eye from changing?

Yesterday, my brother-in-law asked me if there is anything he can do to prevent his eyes from getting worse. I think about these things differently than most people do, so I had to ask him some clarifying questions. What I figured out is that he, like most people, is worried about changing refractive error. An…

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A few patients have mentioned K-Pros to me. These are basically artificial corneas that can be used when normal cornea transplants haven’t worked or typically don’t work (for example in situations with extensive destruction of the ocular surface). The upside for these artificial corneas is that they often give good clarity of vision in the…

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When we operate, we are required to go through a checklist in order to make sure that everybody agrees about the surgery, specifically about things like identifying the patient and identifying which eye to treat. This is pretty important in order to make sure that the correct eye gets operated on, because wrong eye surgery…

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