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So Many New Journals

Recently, I’ve noticed a major uptick in the number of journals in the field of ophthalmology. When there are so many titles to read and digest, it certainly can feel overwhelming. Of course, not everything is related to my quotidian practice, but some of this information is really interesting anyway. I suppose the best thing…

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Acanthamoeba Risk Factors

Acanthamoeba organisms are literally amoebas that can cause corneal infections. One of the at-risk populations for these corneal infections are contact lens users. A study done by Dr. Nicole Carnt and colleagues regarding Acanthamoeba was published in the January 2023 edition of the Journal Ophthalmology. They identified several risk factors among contact lens users that…

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If you’ve ever had betadine in your eye, you know that it can be a bit of a rough experience. Even after the betadine is washed out, there are often many hours of irritation that follow. So why do we ever use betadine in the eye? Application of betadine, which is used in the eye…

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