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Vancomycin Strength

Certainly there are some medical decisions that are incorrect, no matter how they are sliced. However, I often find that it is important to understand that different people have different ways of doing things, and there frequently isn’t any good way to dismiss one way or the other as “wrong.” Approaches to medicine are sometimes…

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Pokey Pokey

There is a procedure in ophthalmology called “anterior stromal puncture.” In this procedure, the front of the eye is literally poked over and over with a needle. While it may seem like a “low tech” procedure, it can really help in certain situations. An example of such a situation would be one in which someone…

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Dilated Pupils

There have been some patients recently coming into the office with large pupils. These patients have often been young patients who are teenagers. The pupils are larger than normal and don’t react to light very much (normally the pupils should react to light by shrinking). It seems that these patients have large pupils due to…

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