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Will you be on TV?

Something that is on the horizon with cataract surgery is the use of “heads up” displays. Currently, the way I operate employs the use of a microscope that I look into during surgery. It is an actual physical microscope that is above the patient during surgery, and I look directly into the eyepieces. This is…

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Netarsudil and Puncta

One of the things about glaucoma eye drops is that they can be pretty nasty to the surface of the eye. Unfortunately, we mostly have to live with this for our glaucoma patients, because the alternative to taking drops is often progressive vision loss to the level of no light perception. A relatively new glaucoma…

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Glaucoma Surgery

As the years go by, there are more and more surgical options to treat glaucoma. In my opinion, this is a great thing, because, historically, glaucoma treatment has involved a lot of eye drops–eye drops that patients must use every day, often multiple times per day. I hope that there are continued improvements in the…

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