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OCT for Cataract Patients

In the July 2023 edition of the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Bruno Boalento dos Santos and colleagues did a study that showed that OCT was an effective method for identifying macular diseases not detected clinically in cataract patients. What does that mean? Patients with cataracts have problems in the fronts of their eyes.…

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Spin that Lens!

One of the types of lenses that I put in after cataract surgery is a toric lens, which is an astigmatism-correcting lens. Astigmatism-correcting lenses only work if they are rotated into the correct position. Most lenses I put in are not toric, and they do not have to be rotated to exactly the correct places.…

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Sometimes, it’s Weird

In the June 2023 edition of the journal Ophthalmology, Rajvi Mehta and colleagues published a study about diet and glaucoma. Their study placed patients in two groups: low-fat diet or usual diet. The outcome measure they looked at was incidence of open angle glaucoma (the more common from of glaucoma compared to closed angle glaucoma).…

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