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How high are cataract surgery expectations?

We can do wonders these days with cataract surgery. In the right patients, implantation of certain lenses can make them almost completely glasses free. (It is important to note that this cannot be done for ALL patients). However, I think that we have gotten to the point where the expectations for insurance-covered surgery need to…

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Who’s late?

I’ve been thinking about our lateness and no-show policy recently. My overall philosophy is that I will see a patient (assuming we are still in the office) no matter how late they show up for their appointment. However, if they are more than half an hour late, I think that all on-time patients take priority…

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Cataract Surgery Over Age 90

Last week, I wrote that people should have cataract surgery when they have blurred vision that is not correctable with glasses (and we find a cataract that explains the blurry vision on exam). I wrote about my rule of thumb that patients should have cataract surgery if they turn 80 and have any vision imperfections…

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