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As of the writing of this post, there is a widespread understanding that, across many industries in the U.S., there is a labor shortage. Everyone needs more help! Sometimes it doesn’t seem apparent, but an ophthalmology office is also subject to these same factors, since we have staff who answer the phones and staff that…

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Crocodiles in my eye?

There is a condition of the cornea, the part of the eye nearest and dearest to my heart, that has a peculiar and interesting name: crocodile shagreen. Crocodile shagreen is an appearance of the cornea that we see when examining eyes under the microscope. It is not something that typically elicits a visit on the…

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Artificial Intelligence and Ophthalmology

I recently read an article by Rui Fan and colleagues about the detection of glaucoma by a computer in patients with high eye pressures. By way of background, the internal pressure of the eyeball is typically somewhere in the range of 10-20 mmHg above atmospheric pressure. When the pressure in the eye goes up, we…

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