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As ophthalmologists, we pay attention to detail. I suppose it is true that most professionals do, but I was reading some forum posts from ophthalmologists about very subtle aspects of cataract surgery. They were discussing and debating over the course of thirty or forty posts, mainly focusing on different techniques that arguably would make no…

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Changing Eye Color

In the August 2022 edition of the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, there is an article edited by Nicole Fram about a patient who had BrightOcular iris implants placed to change her iris color. There is a lot of technical discussion in this article, but the important message from the article is that this…

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Keep it in the Middle!

Recently, an ophthalmologist mentioned that the lens implant he put in during cataract surgery did not look properly centered. For those uninitiated, whenever we take cataracts out of an eye, we usually try to replace it with a lens implant. For some types of lens implants, a lack of perfect centration isn’t the end of…

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