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Headaches and Eye Pain

Frequently, we see patients who say they have a pain in their eyeball. Certainly, there are many occasions in which eyes can hurt due to primarily eye-related issues, with diagnoses like inflammation in the eye. However, sometimes, there is no specific eyeball related issue that causes the pain. These patients will often complain that they…

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Those bright lights!

While I personally find going to the dentist to be a much scarier prospect than going to the eye doctor, there are many people who don’t like the eye doctor’s office. Why? Those bright lights! We use very bright lights during our examination, and we dilate patients to make the situation even worse. Why do…

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Why do I see squiggly lines with bright light in my eye?

Patients often notice that lights during an eye exam are really bright. Sometimes, people notice a pattern of lines that they only see with bright lights shining in their eyes. This pattern of squiggly lines is always the same, but these people don’t notice the lines when there aren’t any bright lights. What are they?…

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