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Why is my eye watering?

There are two very common reasons for eye watering. Interestingly, we don’t commonly think of eye watering as being a result of overproduction of tears. One cause of eye watering is blockage of the drainage of tears. If there is a block of the drain of tears, the surface of the eye will accumulate lots…

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Can you be too old for LASIK?

Many of my patients have mentioned to me that they have been told that they are no longer candidates for LASIK due to age. The truth is that LASIK generally becomes safer as patients age, so it is not really a safety issue. The laser also has no more difficulty creating an ablation in an…

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Glaucoma is a relatively common disease, but most people don’t really understand what glaucoma is. We generally think of glaucoma having to do with high pressure in the eyeball. Just like everybody has a blood pressure, the pressure inside the artery system, everybody has a pressure inside their eyeballs too. The eye pressure doesn’t exactly…

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