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The Evolution of Lens Implants

For a long time, ophthalmologists have been seeking the “Holy Grail” of lens implants that can restore “youthful vision,” allowing good sight without glasses at all distances. We haven’t yet reached that target, but there have been some advances. Originally, cataract surgery was mostly about removing the potentially blinding cataract from the patient’s eye without…

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Acute Retinal Necrosis

I was reading an article this week that was a summary of Acute Retinal Necrosis. ARN, as it is abbreviated, is definitely one of the scariest diagnoses that I have come across. It isn’t all that common, but it’s not exceedingly rare either. It is a devastating retinal disease that can progress in a matter…

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Generic versus Brand-name drops

For a long time, I scoffed at other physicians comments regarding their preference for branded drops. I always felt that the generic drops contained the same compounds and therefore would not have any different effect than branded drops. I also did not give much credence to patients who claimed that they preferred one brand of…

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