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Christmas Eye

I think that I have mentioned this before, but, given the date on the calendar, I thought I should revisit the topic. There is a special type of cataract that can form in some eyes that is called a christmas tree cataract. It earns that name due to all of the multicolored reflections that one…

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Newer isn’t always better

There was recently a discussion amongst some eye surgeons about new lens implants. (The necessary background here is that, following removal of a cataract, we almost always place a lens implant in the eye.) The prevailing opinion was that one of the really newest–“latest and greatest”–lens implant technologies is not giving the best outcomes after…

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How long is an eyeball?

For a roundish object, thinking about length doesn’t seem to make much sense. However, when we do cataract surgery, we have to think a lot about the distance between the front of the eye (the cornea) and the back of the eye (the retina). This is because, during cataract surgery, we place a lens implant…

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