I recently heard the story of a good ophthalmologist who was approached by a 28 year old patient. She wears very strong glasses (+12 D). She wanted to decrease her need for glasses, which can be achieved by performing what is basically a cataract surgery. When there is no true cataract present, that surgery is often called a refractive lens exchange (RLE). However, with the need for strong glasses, the risks of surgery are a bit higher in her eye than a typical cataract surgery eye. Also, the patient would lose the flexibility of her young natural lens with RLE. The ophthalmologist advised her of the risks of surgery, and he consulted other doctors as well. Most everyone recommended against surgery. The patient was confused because she had seen another eye surgeon who DID recommend surgery. Sometimes, there are people who will push these elective surgeries even when many other surgeons would shy away.

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